About Chantal

  Drawing upon her adventures in travelling the world, Chantal Kelly brings a vivid and rich tapestry into her writing. Born and raised in Brussels, Belgium, Kelly developed an early love of travel as she journeyed to youth camps and took summer vacations with her family throughout Europe.

Call it wanderlust, call it passion, Kelly ultimately decided to enter the travel industry earning a degree from Belgium’s renowned Institut Haulot Tourisme program. Like any world class traveler, she gained fluency in five languages (French, Dutch, English, Spanish, and Italian). Kelly worked for an Italian travel company and ultimately formed her own boutique agency guiding small groups throughout France, Italy and other European destinations.

Kelly’s writing taps into her collective memories and intimacy with the Continent over the past three decades. No detail is too small in painting her canvas for her readers as her first book, Gelato Sisterhood on the Amalfi Shore demonstrates, from the colorful descriptions of lemon groves in Campania to the ceramic tiles created by old-world artisans.

She lives with her husband near Portland, Oregon.


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