Rebellion in San Gimignano

The medieval village of San Gimignano, a famous Unesco Heritage site in Italy, is rebelling against the measures of austerity imposed by the Government of Mario Monti.. The town’s maire has been asked to reduce its staff by 30 percent. “It’s crazy,” laments Giacomo Bassi. “In June, the government congratulates you on your management skills, the town has not debts or pending loans, then, in July, the same government asks you to lay off 35 of your 89 employees,” declared the maire in an interview for the daily newspaper Il Corriere della Sera.

Italy in fact registered in June San Gimignano on the list of 143 towns recognized for their good management, but in July, the plan of revision of public expenditures imposed on the community the dismissal of 35 employees on a total of 89. The plan allows only one employee for 144 inhabitants. While San Gimignano scarcely counts 7000 residents, it welcomes 3 million visitors per year. “The 35 positions are needed to handle a variety of services, notably the parking lots and museums, which allows the town to collect 2.5 million euros of benefice per year,” pleaded the maire. The entire staff is ready to walk out if the government does not make an exception.

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